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Camouflage refers to the use of colors, materials, and illumination designed to conceal something. There are countless examples of camouflage being used in nature, with creatures ranging from the octopus to the chameleon all employing some type of camouflage to better their chances at catching a meal, or to avoid becoming someone else's meal.

For human beings, camouflage has numerous applications as well. Militaries around the world use it to conceal both equipment and soldiers. Hunters use it to avoid being seen by their prey. In recent years, camouflage has even become popular in the world of fashion. Casual camouflage clothing (including bikinis) speak to a certain lifestyle and mindset for the wearer, one that just can't be had with any other type of print. Let's examine a few different types of camouflage, shall we?

Woodland camo

Woodland Camo

Woodland is the first pattern that most people think of when they think of camouflage. It's been in use for decades, and offers good concealment in the type of environment for which it is named. It's also a popular pattern for use in fashion, since it is so easily recognizable. Camo patterns come and go, but woodland will always be a favorite.

Snow camo

Snow Camo

Snow camo hasn't been in use quite as long as woodland camo, but in the right environment its use is crucial. Snow camo mimics the blue and white hues found in cold, snowy climates. Snow camo isn't as popular as Woodland in the fashion world, but it's definitely catching on. If you're a "winter", snow camo might be just your thing!

Desert camo

Desert Camo

Although militaries have been fighting in the desert since the dawn of time, the idea of desert camouflage is a relatively new thing, as far as a specific pattern goes. Desert camo can look much like its Woodland and Snow cousins, except that it uses different shades of brown and tan, the colors most often found in deserts.

Digital camo

Digital Camo

Many people think that digital camo is a recent invention, but digital camouflage patterns are actually well over 40 years old! Their close-up blocky appearance actually has the effect of blending the various colors used at greater distances, enhancing the concealment effects of the pattern.

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